What is Third Party Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS)?

Aditya Malani

Last Update 7 tháng trước

What is CCS?

CCS or Third Party Carrier Calculated Shipping is a feature provided by Shopify, that enables a merchant to show shipping rates from third party apps and services.

Is CCS required for ShipMagic app to work?

ShipMagic app has 2 parts

  1. Shipping Rates -
    They DO require CCS to work. This is a mandatory requirement from Shopify. Without this, your store won't be able to fetch rates on the checkout page that you setup in the app.

  2. Shipping Customizations - 
    They DO NOT require CCS to work.

CCS eligibility

CCS is given to merchants based on their Shopify plan. Following table shows if your plan allows you to enable CCS.

How to check whether CCS is enabled for my store?

1. Go to the “Shipping and Delivery” tab in Shopify settings and click on General shipping rates.

2. Click on “Shipping zones”>> “Add Shipping Rates”>> “Use Carrier or App to calculate rates.”

3. If you can see "ShipMagic App" there, then the CCS API is already activated for your store.

4. If the API is not enabled, you will get an error message saying, “There are no carriers or apps available for this zone”.

Official documentation link for CCS - Link

Shopify support link for enabling CCS - Link